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Virali Joisher Certificate Voice Dubbing LIDI Program

Full Name: Virali Joisher

Education: SY BA.LLB (Hons.)

Stream : Law

Name of Institute: Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, NMIMS Mumbai

Location of Institute: Mumbai

Learn IT Do IT Program: Voice Dubbing

Your Key Activities and Experiences gained in Learn IT Do IT program: The Voice Dubbing program has helped me immensely in analyzing the importance of intonation and volume while interviewing professionally. The art of being confident was also a lesson from this program. The voice dubbing would also educate me about how to give appropriate answers during an interview. Adhering to deadlines and managing my time was also a lesson for me. My daily activity would consist of recording audios of interview questions, answers, and strategies and about how to speak correctly, confidently, and with a proper throw of voice and a great command over the language.

Career Aspiration: Lawyer


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