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About Us

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We are here to reduce the gap between academia and industry learning. The aim of Learn It Do It! is to provide on-hands experience by providing Projects in niche areas. 


At LIDI, we don't offer internships in the usual way but our focus is to give real time projects in parallel to the skillset of a user.

Why there is need of LIDI?

  1. To meet the gap between academia and the skills of candidates. With ever-increasing focus on skill-set of candidates from the Employer’s side, hiring will be more dependent on practical knowledge

  2. Candidates facing tough competition for getting and receiving Projects that actually Upskill their competencies

  3. LIDI will act as a boost on Courses already learned by candidates and will facilitate the learning in wide dimensions


"To enhance and promote the need of practical learning and skill development across the country"

How it will help a User?

  1. Real time industry experience

  2. The biggest advantage that LIDI will provide is the development of the Right Attitude for Job. It is one of the most important factors while recruiting. Technical skills can be learned over a month but Attitude development is a journey and once candidates realize what is right and what is wrong, only then he can work upon it. 

  3. It will help in boosting your CV

  4. Gain confidence in your skills by working in the industry

  5. Explore a career path by working in an industry environment

  6. Get evaluated by industry experts

  7. Responsibility for your performance and actions 


How will LIDI transform Candidate’s Skill Potential


Attitude Development - The candidates will not only be judged on the basis of technical know-how but will also be judged on behavioral parameters like meeting deadlines, communication with reporting manager etc. 

By involving Candidate in Assignments, Case Studies, Weekly Evaluations etc

Industry mentors will provide guidance and feedback to candidates and will also help them Job hunt opportunities

Unique Selling Point for Learn It Do It

Attitude Modelling :- 70% of recruiters agree that Attitude in Job matters more than Technical or Hard skills. LIDI will focus on this area and will help candidate develop Attitude for Job environment which translates into Job entry, then promotions and lately into better career path. LIDI will focus on:- 

  • 1. Monitoring of Deadlines 

  • 2. Communication with Reporting Manager

  • 3. Discipline

  • 4. Honesty of Work

  • 5. Responsibility to work Independently and in Group

Live Project Experience:- The candidate will get complete Job experience from Project Initiation till Project Completion. The end to end cycle will help the candidate in understanding the intricacies of the project. The student will also get the benefit of Interacting with managers in between

 Project Reporting and Presentations:- One of the crucial points in any Project is its Reporting and presentations to managers. The candidate will be monitored on weekly reporting for the project and continuous presentations in between. These will be monitored by mentors and suggestions/feedbacks are provided time to time

 Common Metrics for Monitoring:- All the mentors will be provided with a common document so as to measure the candidate’s potential. The monitoring of candidate will strictly be done on the given parameters and candidate will be able to see his scores and then act upon 

 Project Interviews and CV Booster:- Project interviews will be taken by mentors to gauge the candidate’s potential and he or she will be provided with proper feedback on it. The candidate will be provided with information on boosting his CV and what all to be added in the CV so as to put forth a best view of the candidate

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