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Ushasri Kruthiventi Certificate Human Resource LIDI Program

Full Name: Ushasri Kruthiventi

Education: Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Stream: Human Resource Management.

Name of Institute: Institute of Public Enterprise

Location of Institute: Hyderabad

Learn IT Do IT Program: Human Resource ( Employee Engagement and Recruitment )

Your Key Activities and Experiences gained in Learn IT Do IT program: 1. Employee Engagement: - Content Development for employee engagement tools like recognition certificates,appreciation certificates, engagement surveys, etc. - Team Management: Assigning tasks to team members. (Team size of 12 members) -Communication with Mentor and Team members for smooth task completion. -Maintaining Daily report on the progress and task completion of team -Evaluation of the work done by members of the team -Maintaining a performance tracker for the team 2. Recruitment: -Team Management: Assigning tasks to the team members. (Team size of 7 members). -Sourcing candidates from various social media platforms; specifically LinkedIn. -Cross Verification of the data obtained by the team and shortlisting the candidates according to the client company requirement. -Communication with Mentor and Team members for smooth task completion. -Solving challenges and doubts while sourcing candidates. -Calling the candidates to check if they are interested in various job openings. -Maintaining a daily Fire report to track the progress of the task completion and areas of improvement. -Maintaining a tracker sheet to update only shortlisted profiles to be sent to the client. -Scheduling Interviews and followup for the shortlisted candidates.

Career Aspiration: C-Suite Leader


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