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TUHINA RANA Certificate Human Resource LIDI Program


Education: Pursuing MBA

Stream: Human Resources Management

Name of Institute: Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur

Location of Institute: Jaipur

Learn IT Do IT Program: Human Resource (HR Analytics) and Human Resource (Recruitment)

Your Key Activities and Experiences gained in Learn IT Do IT program: HR Analytics: 1) Writing a brief report on HR Analytics including definition of HR Analytics, its evolution, its importance, how it works, its advantages and various tools and techniques used in HR Analytics. 2) Preparing a dashboard with existing employee's and new applicant's data by using data visualization tools of Advanced Excel. 3) Preparing a report on ‘Diversity and inclusion in workplace’ including definition of diversity, inclusion, equality, importance of D&I, approaches for measuring D&I, examples and case studies. 4) Preparing a PPT video on HR Analytics and HR metrics . 5) Preparing a report on ‘Budgeting with talent analytics’ which includes basic concept of recruitment budget, importance of budgeting with talent analytics, low budget recruitment methods etc. Recruitment: 1) Live recruitment via LinkedIn 2) Cold calling for informing candidates about a particular vacancy in a company and collecting details from interested candidates. 3) Maintaining data and resume of the interested candidates in Google Sheet and Google Drive Folder. 4) Scheduling interview of eligible and interested candidates with HR of client company.

Career Aspiration: Human Resources Generalist


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