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Nidhi Minz Certificate Human Resource LIDI Program

Full Name: Nidhi Minz

Education: MBA

Stream: Human Resource.

Name of Institute: Indian Institute of Management Ranchi

Location of Institute: Ranchi

Learn IT Do IT Program: Human Resource ( HR Policies )

Your Key Activities and Experiences gained in Learn IT Do IT program: This program is really helpful for everyone because you experience it and learn form it. Most of my work were related to policies. My Key activities and experience gained were: 1 . Learned about various policies needed in an organization 2.Benchmarked the policies formed. 3.Reviewed the policies and aligned the policies with the laws and enactments concerned. 4.Learned how policies are made. The experience was great because as the name suggests Learn IT Do IT, it helped me to get to know how in a industry things work. The policies have to be framed in line with the company's requirements and the existing laws and regulations which is a very interesting and serious job to do.

Career Aspiration: HR manager.


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