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Diksha Khanna Certificate Human Resource LIDI Program

Full Name: Diksha Khanna

Education: BBA

Stream: Human resource

Name of Institute: Christ University

Location of Institute: Bangalore

Learn IT Do IT Program: Human Resource ( Training and Development )

Your Key Activities and Experiences gained in Learn IT Do IT program: It was an immense learning experience for me. I never knew working in the training and development domain of Human Resources can be so knowledgeable. I was given 5 topics in my project to make training modules for Managers. Working on each topic taught me something new about real time corporate scenario.I have definitely gained so much. I got to know training and development is very important for an organization to become competitive and to retain the employees. I found a few topics challenging also- Change management and Crisis Management. But I never knew working and preparing training activities on these two topics will be my best experience in the entire one month. Change is the only thing constant and hence, being a manager it is an important skill to embrace it for oneself and for the organization. It is really vital for a manager to plan the change and then execute it to reduce the resistance against it. The manager who is successful doing it can build a successful as well as flexible organization. Making a training module on crisis management when the entire world is already facing COVID-19 gave me practical and hand-on experience. As an individual I learned how to psychologically stay strong in such a crisis as it can cause anxiety issues, stress. The impact effective communication can have on your audience is commendable. As a manager you must know how handle a crisis without getting into panic. The other topic given to be was learning to improve oneself. During reading the articles for writing the content I myself inculcated good ideas for improving myself.For example - Making a schedule for better time management and online courses for self-learning. Motivational skills as well as one on one meetings were the next two topics. I always heard motivating people is great skill which a manager must have. Planning on the activities on this module helped me to reflect myself on this skill. Motivating people is an art which every individual must possess. I never knew one on one meetings can actually improve a relationship between a manager as well as the employee. I understood why giving feedback and listening to employees is important. It makes you understanding manager in front of your employees. I also learned about to critically give feedback without making the other person feel bad about it instead encouraging them to improve. Overall this was a the best opportunity for me to improve my skills as well as add value to the organization. I am grateful for it.

Career Aspiration: My career aspiration is to utilize my skills in order to add value to everything I take up in life. I want to gain more insights in my area of expertise. From the very beginning I want to become the HR manager in order to build sustainable organization with endearing relationships with it's employees.


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