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Deeksha Sharma Certificate Human Resource LIDI Program

Full Name: Deeksha Sharma

Education: Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM Pursuing), BA (Hons) Political Science (Completed)

Stream: Post Graduate Diploma in Management in HR and Marketing

Name of Institute: Jagannath International Management School, Kalkaji , New Delhi

Location of Institute: Kalkaji ,New Delhi

Learn IT Do IT Program: Human Resource (Recruitment )

Your Key Activities and Experiences gained in Learn IT Do IT program: I basically was working in recruitment department -Sourcing different profiles using different platforms - cross verification about the data given by candidates -record maintenance of all candidates sourced so far in personal sheet - sent invites through mail to different people and update in database - calling people to validate the database -reading job descriptions and classifying jobs and companies into technical /non-technical -Collecting data from various sites and updating the database - Searching jobs from various platforms and collecting data about the company and respective HR details -finding recruitment head of construction industry -screening of resumes I learnt how to talk to people professionally , and how to source resumes from different platforms and how to do screening of the the resumes and matching the skills of the person according to requirements written in job description.

Career Aspiration: I want to be a top performing Human Resource professional in the future and be a expert in the field of Human Resource ... i want to gain more knowledge about this field and i want to enhance my skills. I want to grow with the company where i can continue to learn and contribute and work hard as much as i can and fulfil my responsibilities and take on additional responsibilities, and want to be exposed to managing a team in future in whichever organization i work.


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