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Astha Gandhi Jayakrishnan Certificate Career Counselling LIDI Program

Full Name: Astha Gandhi

Education: BA Hons

Stream: Psychology

Name of Institute: Institute of Excellence in Higher Education

Location of Institute: Bhopal

Learn IT Do IT Program: Career Counselling

Your Key Activities and Experiences gained in Learn IT Do IT program:

1. Guide Fellow colleagues in Developing a wide range of methods, such as aptitude assessments, interviews, and planning materials.

2. Counsel individual learners, working with them to aid in the development of both hard and soft skills.

3. Create Resources and develop content to describe a job and its opportunities in India

4. Lead the group of interns and help them solve and clarify and doubts regarding their job roles.

5. Create Psychometric Career Assessment to discover true potential and interest of students.

Career Aspiration: Clinical Psychologist


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