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General Manager

Gain Real-World Experience from the best professionals

Fees: Only Rs 100 per Hour

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Avail 60-120-180-hour's of  Industry Experience in General Manager by LIDI and become an experienced Industry Professional in General Manager

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Let's step into the shoes and gain real-time Industry experience


General managers typically have cross-functional responsibility; that is, they make decisions that involve the coordination and integration of functional areas such as sales, marketing, human resources, finance, and production.narrations,animation movies or cartoons, e-learning corporations and so forth.

General Manager LIDI

Mr.x interned as a general manager with a company . All he did was give his best but none of his work was taken to the focus . but unlike Mr.X you have got a better alternative where you will be showing up your skills and will get the desired outcome here goes your “learn it do it” plan for general management .

● Overseeing daily business operations.
● Developing and implementing growth strategies.
● Training low-level managers and staff.
● Creating and managing budgets.
● Improving revenue.
● Hiring employees.
● Evaluating performance and productivity.
● Analyzing accounting and financial data.
● Researching and identifying growth opportunities.
● Generating reports and giving presentations.


Real-time Business Cases

Access to the online tools as per the suitability of the project

Full support in execution

 Experience Certificate

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