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Dubbing Artist

Gain Real-World Experience from the best professionals

Fees: Only Rs 100 per Hour

About Us

Avail 60-120-180-hour's of  Industry Experience in Dubbing Artist by LIDI and become an experienced Industry Professional in Dubbing Artist

LIDI Courses

Let's step into the shoes and gain real-time Industry experience


Dubbing is a technique to update the conversation of any film / tv serial from one language to any other like tamil, telugu to hindi and vice versa. The dubbing/voice over artist is the person that lends his / her voice for any man or woman. Movies aren't simplest the work location for dubbing artists, they also can get the task in television/radio advertisements, corporate
narrations,animation movies or cartoons, e-learning corporations and so forth.

Dubbing Artist LIDI

Mr.x interned as a dubbing artist with a company . All he did was giving his voice to the characters but none of his was was published . But unlikeMr.X you have got a better alternative where you will be dubbing for various characters here goes your “learn it do it” plan for career dubbing.

1. Movies and Televisions serials
2. Animation movies
3. Cartoon serials
4. Video and Audio Ads
5. Voice over for presentation and illustrations
6. Radio
7. Documentaries
8. Audio books
9. E-learning


Real-time Business Cases

Access to the online tools as per the suitability of the project

Full support in execution

 Experience Certificate

Career Opportunities

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