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Become a Pro Recruitment Professional

Gain real-world experience under the aegis of an Industry Expert while you learn
Program FEE : Rs 6000 

Avail 400+ hours of Live Experience in Recruitment along with Learning and become an experienced Industry Professional

A Unique opportunity to learn and simultaneously garner experience from the experts

Recruitment & Selection

Two important functions of a human resources department are Recruitment and Selection. Though linked together in what is generally called the employment discipline of human resources, they are two distinct functions.

Job Summary

Recruiters are responsible for leading the staffing efforts of a company and building a strong workforce that adds to the company’s bottom line. To achieve this goal recruiters spend much of their time sourcing and screening qualified candidates, coordinating the interview process, facilitating offers and employment negotiations, and following up with candidates all while ensuring candidates have a pleasant experience.

Recruiter LIDI

X interned as a recruiter in an organisation. He did his best but the efforts were not recognised as they were theoretical hence not in sync with organisation’s ask. Unlike X you have a better alternative, you will be recruiting candidates while working along with experienced recruiter thus making it practical.

“Learn It Do It” plan for Recruiter

Be able to hire great people by learning from a former Top MNC recruiter!

 ‘Learn it Do it’ plan for Recruiter

What you'll learn

  1. Invite constructive engagement with stakeholders while working to eliminate bias

  2. Define an ideal candidate profile that includes skills and issues related to culture fit

  3. Attract high-quality candidates through referral recruiting and, in some cases, by maintaining a passive candidate stroke file

  4. Use phone screens to filter out unmatched candidates and save time on interviews

Various steps / process

  • Sourcing

  • Screening

  • Interviews

  • Selection

  • Final Steps

Interviewing Techniques

  • Savvy interviewing skills,

  • Some investigative techniques

  • Asking thoughtful questions

  • Listening carefully to responses

  • Assessing candidate's professional characteristic

How will this work?

  1. Invite probable trainees / learners through (calling Candidates, mass mailing,messaging service)

  2. Assess their communication skills, industry knowledge (if any)

  3. Have them undergo Group Discussion round (not more than 5 per group; the group discussion should not be for more than 20 mins – 5minute ; 5 minutes of        topic preparation, 10 minutes of deliberation & summarisation) topics to include current affairs & technology (to avoid political subjects & crime)

  4. Shortlisted candidates to undergo one to one interview

  5.  Selected candidate then will be enrolled for training


Who should enrol for this course

  • Under Graduates, Graduates (Technical / Non-Technical), MBA, Housewives, Individuals  on sabbatical.


What are course/training fees / charges?

  • Course/Training Fees / Charges will be INR. 6,000


What is the training period?

Training period will be for min of 90 calendar days and may get extended to max of 120  calendar days

What will the training consist of?
Training will consist of theoretical and practical

  • Theoretical – learning from various book, training calls

  • Practical – working on live assignments

What do I get post training?


  •  A certificate certifying your ability to recruit

  • On case to case basis job opportunity

How will the training be conducted?

  • Training will be conducted via online (virtual classroom/meeting room)

  • Practical training will be whilst operating from your own location

How much time in a day do I need to invest?

  • Minimum of 5 hours (ideally 9-10 hours per day)

  • Practical 5 hours (min daily), video/theory lectures about an hour (twice a week)

  • Own learning (not practical) / research for about an hour at least thrice a week

Post training completion will I be provided placement opportunity?

No, the training center is not committing on placements however, will strive to recommend / guide to appropriate opportunity


Real-time Business Cases

Access to the online tools as per the suitability of the project

Full support in execution

 Experience Certificate

Career Opportunities

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