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Poorvi Gupta Certificate Human Resource LIDI Program

Full Name: Poorvi Gupta

Education: Integrated BBA+MBA

Stream : Human Resources

Name of Institute: Amity School of Business, Amity University

Location of Institute: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Learn IT Do IT Program: Human Resource ( Recruitment )

Your Key Activities and Experiences gained in Learn IT Do IT program - I gained new knowledge, skills and got to interact with many new people. We achieved several learning goals together. I got insight into professional world and learned different facets of working within a well-established organisation. This internship was mainly to enable me acquire practical skills and link theory to practice in real world so as to see how actually HR recruitment is done. With the detailed guidelines provided I was able to complete all the tasks successfully. While working I learned about various aspects of HR domain and got hands on experience on functions like corporate recruiting through LinkedIn, data validation, etc. This journey was my first and the best experience that I could have asked for. I learned that this is just the beginning of the road and I have to travel a long distance to be a successful person in this field.

Career Aspiration: Becoming an expert; Earning acclaim and prestige.

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