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Hritik Bhatt Certificate Recruitment LIDI Program

Full Name: Hritik Bhatt

Education: MBA

Stream: Human Resource and International Business

Name of Institute: ITM Group of Institutes

Location of Institute: Gwalior

Learn IT Do IT Program: Human Resource ( Recruitment )

Your Key Activities and Experiences gained in Learn IT Do IT program:

As a recruiter, I have performed end to end recruitment in which I have-

1) Sourced relevant candidates from social media and database for various IT vacancies.

2) Screened resumes, communicated with more than 200 candidates and took initial interviews.

3) Scheduled interviews for the client and taken feedback from the candidates.

4) Managed all the database of recruitment for various vacancies.

5) Interviewed applicants for Business Development Internship and managed their database.

6) I was also leading another candidate of recruitment program. Guiding her correctly and taking maximum output from the candidate.

Its a valuable Program to get hands on practical exposure in HR recruitment.

Career Aspiration: To become a Human Resource Manager

LinkedIn Profile:

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