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Graphic Designer

Gain Real-World Experience from the best professionals

Fees: Only Rs 100 per Hour

About Us

Avail 60-120-180-hour's of  Industry Experience in Graphic Designing by LIDI and become an experienced Industry Professional in Graphic Designing

LIDI Courses

Let's step into the shoes and gain real-time Industry experience


The Graphic Designers in any firm create the visual version of the Brand and communications in order that people get the message across the ways which are effective, attractive, engaging and aesthetically pleasing. Putting differently, they work on a number of products and services such as Books, Websites, Posters, Brochures, Banners, Product packaging, Exhibitions and displays, Corporate Communications and a distinguished Corporate identity. To get this all done, they translate the business goals and ideas into design concepts.

Graphic Designer LIDI

Mr. X underwent an internship in Graphic Designing and worked on the random animations which were not published on the website and social media posts. But you need to rest assured with the LIDI plan where you’ll explore into the different aspects of Graphic Designing and keep on Learning and Doing.

  • Understanding the objectives and needs of the organisation and portraying accordingly

  • Creating designs for internal and external communications

  • Using tools such as Pixlr, Photoshop, Proofhub, DesignBold, Illustrator, Wix, Sketch 3, Pixelmator, Palleton, etc.

  • Clearly determining the message, the design should convey

  • Developing graphics for Business Logo, Product/Service illustrations, Websites, etc.

  • Conducting proper research on the meaning and symbolism of colors and choosing suitably

  • Ensuring graphical support for Blogs, Websites, and Social media platforms.

  • Working on Presentations, Banner designs, Brochures, Leaflets, Trade-marks, and other Marketing material.


Real-time Business Cases

Access to the online tools as per the suitability of the project

Full support in execution

 Experience Certificate

Career Opportunities

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