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Brand Manager

Gain Real-World Experience from the best professionals

Fees: Only Rs 100 per Hour

About Us

Avail 60-120-180-hour's of  Industry Experience in Brand Manager by LIDI and become an experienced Industry Professional in Brand Manager

LIDI Courses

Let's step into the shoes and gain real-time Industry experience


No matter how great or successful your product is, it’s always a challenge to make it different and stand out when compared with competitors in the market. Having high quality products and good services is not enough to attract customers towards the product, it also needs a convincing brand image. That’s when accompany hires a brand manager who helps the company in promoting its brand and focuses on the company’s personality, both on the shelf and in the society.

Brand Manager LIDI

Mr. X underwent a certification in Brand Management. He got to read a lot of content on how brands are built and maintained, but never dived into the practical aspect. You, unlike Mr. X, are lucky to have a ‘Learn it Do it’ Program in Brand Management wherein you’ll be actually building brand and maintaining strategies for its development. Let’s have a look at LIDI Plan: -

  • Actively doing competitive benchmarking in order to form strategies to ensure the Brand Survival and Growth

  • Formulating long term strategies on all touch points to make the Brand evergreen

  • Centralising the entire business concept with the User or Consumer

  • Continuously focusing upon Brand Visibility

  • Developing strategies and managing marketing campaigns across print, broadcast and online platforms to ensure that products and services meet customers’ expectations and to build the credibility of brands

  • Articulating Brand Marketing ideas for Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • Regularly coordinating with the Content Writer, Web Developer and Graphic Designer to get the recent changes done

  • Supervising advertising, product design and other forms of marketing to maintain consistency in branding


Real-time Business Cases

Access to the online tools as per the suitability of the project

Full support in execution

 Experience Certificate

Career Opportunities

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